by Kamehameha

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Why? Are you going away? Are you moving away? Oh. Away. (Oh) Now I feel myself melting and melting away I see the shapes slowly coming my way My way. (Oh) Wind is coming down Everywhere there’s sound Trees are moving around Looking at the ground “What is it?” they say Ask if I’m okay Yes I am okay Move along that way Grass is building up Flakes that never stop Rays land right on top Feeling shades that drop What is this I see? What’s become of me? What am I to be? How I feel so free? Oh (Born again) Colors everywhere Layers over there Floating in the air Forgetting what is fear Get me out of here Keep me in this sphere Get me out of here Keep me in this sphere Losing all that I know Missing a moment ago Oh I’m ready to go No I’ve lost control What is life again? What is death again? What is everything? What is anything? Oh (Born again)
Sink Low 09:07
Wish it were easy Conflicting news reports Wish it were steady Expressing remorse Well I’ll just get up And I’ll go shout out ‘Cause this is heavy And this room’s hazy Unjustified actions You really broke me, how? There’s all this tension You really did it now How could you be this foul? What is this all about? You’ve really done it now.
Constants 08:02
You just stand right over there in your corner Hiding behind all your peers, I hear the murmurs I hear the murmurs So distant Why don’t you speak a little louder? Don’t for a second think it’s over Cause it’s not, it’s not. And you really think you’re right for holding back now? Staying quiet all this time before the truth’s out? Hate to break it to you now, but I’ve outgrown you all. Outgrown you all. Turn my back amongst our circle of talking heads Gossip, chatter, meddle, babble as I move ahead Move on ahead You could speak up a little louder Don’t for a second think it’s over I won’t forget, but I’m better here Better here
Mammals 03:13
Hectic, tragic I can’t wait til I get home Frantic, panic I can’t wait to be on my own (with you) Fluffy fluffy Hurry hurry Mammals, mammals (Mammals, mammals) Mammals, mammals (Mammals, mammals) Traffic, fabric I can’t wait to take off my clothes Drastic, manic I can’t wait for my day to close (with you) Furry furry Purry purry Marbles, marbles (mammals, mammals) Xylo, xylo (mammals, mammals) Milo, milo (mammals, mammals) Otto, otto (mammals, mammals) WOO! You brighten up my day Don’t ever go away Please welcome me and stay Right next to me and play Mookie, mickey (mammals, mammals) Teddy, nori (mammals, mammals) westwood, luna (mammals, mammals) Rocky, big boy (mammals, mammals)
Pen Caps 07:05
I saw your face on a stick So sad, broken, hard to fix What to do in a moment like this? When we’re both drawn into abyss Lines placed upon a pen cap Lines go by We can’t shut off our heads We can’t shut off our hearts We could shut off our heads We could shut off our hearts No care no cry, just up high Hanging off the night sky Lines placed upon a pen cap Lines go by
Now, Then, Everywhen.
Movement 05:53
im walking in through an apple colored door the walls creep in, the walls crept in they close in on me in the past hour as i think of precious times running down on memory lane your finger was pointed down on me running around memory lane their finger was pointed down at me no no no no no no not again... take your hand and cut it off take your finger and chop it off not again... take your hand and cut it off take your finger and chop it off right now now. in this final chapter there are names bombs underneath in the storage room “do you understand?” do you understand? do you understand?” “the bombs they help us, they help us, they’re our friends they help us they help us they’re our friends" take your hand and chop it off right now. complain and whine, i'm not scared once they come, i'll blow this place take us on a run, having us some fun blow their heads off by the time they come dont point at me, im not scared once they come, i'll blow this place take us on a run, having us some fun blow their heads off by the time they come don’t point at me, i’m not scared go chop your hand off go chop it off, don’t point at me now… i’ll blow this place off right now
Cut It Out 04:26
Cut it out before it kills you Erase it now or else you’ll lose yourself It’s time to go Time to let go You gotta get out Get out Thinking about all the change Getting used to everything and Trying to remain sane Taking all the facts in You look inside, you look outside There’s no one there by your side You sit alone and you question why Then you hide, you hide Cut it out, grab your things Stand straight up and simply get out Right now Take it in, everything Let the fear seep right in Through your faired colored skin Let it sink deep within Oh let it sink deep within Look at you now There’s nothing left to do Nothing left to do Just take it in, take it in Accept it There’s nothing left to do Take it in, everything Take it in, right now There’s nothing left to do Accept it Right now
Orbit 07:26
Witness all the aging heads As the quicker hand ticks ahead Faces in the crowd look dead “Rather be in bed instead” Scoping as the field goes by Wondering how time just flies Rays of light which blaze through blinds All our minds are intertwined We sit here watchin’ all the clouds We lay here as the world spins around With all the flowers in full bloom And too many locked in amongst old rooms Whispers wishing for the end to near Forgetting it brings us closer to our fears In time the leaves will die again Eventually the sun will rise again Low on time
my first puff was under a bridge holding’s rough, coughing’s tough my chest unhinged from my ribs how is hacking love? I didn't get it but curious enough to hit again and again friends, y’know i wanted to feel the most like a gift given me from the ghost of christmas smoke but the breeze with ease drew heavy and certainly these pieces flee blowing away my weed crumbs again I look over, over my shoulder another burning, delicate flower pulling in air, almost there pass the branch over and over rapidly hover, unclouded and clear yet my feet are on the ground wander up around is it a dream i dreamt? slowly hit the floor, slowly hit the floor, slowly hit the floor they tell me that there's more Tell me that there’s more blowing away my weed crumbs again there they go!


"Mammals," is the debut album of the New York based musical collective, Kamehameha. Taking almost nine years to complete, this album blends an eclectic mix of alternative, post rock, neo-psychedelia, art rock and space rock influences to its core.


released December 1, 2017


Peter Cernauskas - Drums, Percussion
Jared Dancler - Guitar, Vocals (Tracks 1, 6, 10)
Jared Miller - Bass, Backing Vocals, Field Arrangements, FX, Video Editor
Eric Ong - Vocals, Guitar, String Arrangements, Field Arrangements, FX, Percussion, Production, Recording, Mastering

Additional Personnel:

Josh Blum - Web Developer
Karen Claman - Viola (Tracks 2, 6)
Caralyn Farrell - Web Design
Matthew Leib - Artwork, Illustrations
Larry Menaker - Engineering (Tracks 1-5, 7-10)
Stanley Mitchell - Engineering (Track 6)
Samantha Rollins - Violin (Tracks 2, 6)
Alisdair Lee - Engineering (Track 6)
Chinatown Public Musicians - Erhu (Track 4)

Mammals on "Mammals":

Bandit - Cat
Big Boy - Cat
Jay Jay - Human
Luna - Cat
Marbles - Chinchilla
Milo - Cat
Mookie - Dog
Nori - Dog
Otto - Cat
Westwood - Cat
Xylo - Cat


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Kamehameha Queens, New York

We're a group of seven who just happen to share a love for creating music together. Collectively from New York.

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